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Physiology Fitness Testing
Clinical Exercise Therapy
Health Maintenance
Return to Work

We look at the big picture, not just the symptom

Cardiopulmonary Programs

Heart Foundaton personal trainer

Cardiac rehab is for those patients who have been discharged following a cardiac event or who have a diagnosis and need to improve their prognosis, ie.  


Participants in each program are educated regarding their condition 

Cardiac rehabilitation programs can:

  • reduce reoccurrence

  • support you to make lifestyle changes

  • improve quality of life for both you and your family/whanau

  • improve your confidence to return to normal life activities.


In some cases have medical clearance.

Detailed reporting to GP

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Neurological Conditions
MS Get a head start, exercise, MS Waikato, Biopivotal

Neuro Exercise Therapy

Gait education, exercise prescription with the focus of creating an environment that enhances neuroplasticity and motor learning/retention. Sessions are prescribed on principals that are key to motor skill acquisition.



*Cerebral Palsy

*ANS Dysregulation


*Long covid ME/CFS


SPARK refers to plasticity signals. Sometimes those currents miss fire and cause chronic pain, fatigue, spasticity or weakness. 

Strength  & Conditioning group SPARK

Tuesday & Thursday 9.00am

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Neurological / Neuromuscular Programs

Chronic Kidney Disease / Diabetes Management

Diabetes exercise, pain, health, rehabilitation, fitness
Diabetes, exercise, pain, health, rehabilitation

PhysioFit specializes in chronic disease management plans. These include auto-immune diseases (i.e. fibromyalgia), rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic diseases.


The diabetes programs uses current evidence based methods that will increase insulin sensitivity and prevent cardiovascular disease through a combination of exercise and education sessions tailored for Diabetes. 

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Metabolic Conditions
Older Persons Training

PROSTFit Cancer Rehab


Funded sessions in Cambridge & Hamilton
Research shows that tailored exercise benefits most people with cancer before, during and after treatment. Being active can help manage some of the common side effects of treatment, speed up recovery and improve quality of life.
Research suggests exercise may help lower the chances of cancer returning in some people by as much as 50-60%

Prost-FIT offers camaraderie and opportunities for shared experiences.
Proudly supported by Dry July NZ Trust, Prost-FIT is accredited by the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ (PCFNZ) 

Older Persons Training


A life time of ailments can make movement painful and scary. Exercise is essential for the maintenance of independence and stamina.

Exercise aims to enhance functional everyday movements and tasks with ALL health issues considered, ie. Arthritis, cardiac and respiratory, neuropathy.

Treatment options include:
*Falls prevention
*Functional Strengthening
*Pre & Post Op
*SeniorFit group classes (strength & balance)
*Individual programs

All exercise prescription is evidence based with measurable results. Home visits are also available 

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