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Primary Progressive MS

I heard of Carrie through the MS Society. I have gone from being a very fit person (climbing Kilimanjaro in 2011) to being unable to walk unaided and using a wheelchair in times of fatigue.

I have spent a few years going to various professionals who could not tailor exercises suitable for my needs. Over the past 7 weeks Carrie has worked with me using both the gym and the hydrotherapy pool. 

Carrie's technique of little by little has been beneficial as I achieve what she sets me to do. I can now operate muscles which I had thought would never function again.

I know without Carrie's guidance my advancements wouldn't have been possible


MS Get A Head Start


The goal of this programme is to maximise the quality of life for people living with MS based on the core principals of fun, high intensity, interval, specificity, frequency and challenge.

The programme certainly achieves these goals in a motivational and empowering approach. It delivers all the elements that it offers: evidence based strength, enfergy, confidence and knowledge.

Until now I was unaware of the appropriate and beneficial forms of exercise for a person with MS but completing the course I have completely changed my mindset about what is achievable and I have learnt exercises that are constructed to stimulate remyelination.

I have enjoyed the programme immensely. Thank you Carrie, you inspire motivation and you made it fun.

Relapsing Remitting MS

Carrie has been working with me for the past 7 weeks, I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and she is using a MS programme for me. I was using walking aids when I first went to her and with all our hard work I only use them the odd time now. I highly recommend her services

MS Get A Head Start


As a 57 year old male battling Multiple Sclerosis for the past 19 years and more recently having been hospitalised with blood poisoning – I have lost a lot of both strength and flexibility.

The MS Society notified its members of a Gym based course specifically designed for those with MS run by Carrie Aspin of PHYSIOFit Hamilton.

I recently completed this six week course – I attended the gym sessions run by Carrie twice a week - as well as followed a programme designed for me by Carrie - at home on those days I did not attend the gym.

When I reflect on any differences in my strength and/or flexibility post the course I have more movement in my feet, I feel that I’m standing straighter and consider I’m walking in a more normal way when not tired. Overall I consider I’m in a better position physically that prior to taking the course.

I would certainly recommend any person – with - or even without MS – working with Carrie on such a course. Carrie is an excellent coach – very knowledgeable, caring and helpful. She has a genuine desire to help improve the quality of the life of an MS sufferer.

I would be happy to discuss this testimonial with anyone at anytime.


MS Get A Head Start


I first met Carrie who specializes in MS on 21st Dec 2019, having made the decision to give MSGHS programme a go.
This involved a one hour exercise session in a gym twice a week for six weeks. The objective was to educate, improve and thus set goals to enhance my quality of daily life living with MS>
Carrie definitely ticked those boxes and more. She has been very positive, encouraging and enthusiastic throughout this exercise programme.
Carrie demonstrated a sound knowledge and understanding of my personal disabilities associated with MS. She provided full explanations and a personal demonstration was given with all the exercises appropriate to my MS case. I attribute this six week course to a definite improvement in my physical and emotional well being.
Throughout the course Carrie has shown empathy and professionalism along with specific challenges, but most of all she made it fun and very rewarding for me throughout.
Carrie has enabled me to work through my personal everyday obstacles by explaining and demonstrating new and different tools to improve my daily living challenges and goals.

Community Services Card 

fitness & movement education

for injury prevention work prep

My time with Carrie started just over three months (from memory) ago. My first appointment was a general questionnaire interview type of introductory, which helped Carrie understand more about my physical and mental state, and how to proceed from there.

The second appointment was straight into a physical routine. My case was that for the first time in my life I had put on an unnecessary amount of weight, my spine couldn't handle it, and as a result I was experiencing chronic back pain to the point that sometimes I couldn't walk. So she started off by teaching me the importance of correct posture, which is a straight back and neck. She then showed me a few exercises that focused on strengthening vital muscle groups that all connect as one and improve every day performance.

We continued down this path. She was observant through every point of our time together. Always careful to make sure that my body was reacting the way it should (even the slightest change in posture can make a huge difference), and educating me every step of the way - teaching me how to focus on certain parts of my body with particular exercises and the benefits involved. Every appointment she would shake things up, some days pushing me to my limits, other days toning it down as not to over-do it.

In the end I lost 10 kg, and roughly three weeks on my back has never been stronger. I feel a lot more stronger mentally and emotionally, and am also more confident in public. My mind is a lot more clearer, which has helped with any kind of depression. I am also confident in my own skill set, where when I want to, I can return to some of these exercises at home (the stuff that doesn't require equipment), and immediately I notice and feel the difference.

I highly recommend Carrie to anyone reading this and considering making the next step. If you are on a benefit, ask your case manager about it. If you work, it is well worth your money, don't give it a second thought! She is a trained professional at the forefront of a revolution. That revolution is that one day our doctors will prescribe us exercise instead of pills. This is what our bodies and minds need! We need to go straight to the problem, learn more about it, and then fix it.

Thanks for everything Carrie.

Unresolved full thickness Cuff tear &

Aortic valve replacement

83 year old man

I have found Carrie immensely helpful. I started with her training and she is knowledgeable and dedicated, and I find that now 12 weeks later I am now totally mobile. Carrie is friendly but firm, always striving to get the patient to extend and push for better results.

Heart By-Pass
57 yer old man

Kia ora, my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for Carrie's mentoring , tireless effort and encouragement to support and assist me with my personal journey of rehabilitation, well being , self confidence and improved health. Carrie was very inspirational combined with humbleness, kindness, humor and at times NO MERCY approach.  
Much respect and thanks for providing this opportunity , education and experience to my life

Undiagnosed cardiac complaint with daily symptoms
Female 56years

I’ve personally worked with Carrie on the recommendation of my physio – to try and work through heart issues. Working collaboratively in a safe environment, we were able to figure out what the issues were, which was then able to be passed onto my doctor and a diagnosis found.

It has been wonderful working such a caring person, who has your best interest at heart, and is willing to listen and work through all the issues. My main issue I knew was my heart – but couldn’t quite figure out why. High blood pressure was the main issue – which I’m now receiving treatment for. Heart specialist is the next treatment course to understand what damage (if any) the high blood pressure has caused and also why I get so much pain in my left hand side of the chest whilst just walking.

Working with Carrie, meant I had all of the facts – the stats, the figures, the measurements – ready to present. On presentation of the document to my GP (I emailed it), within 2 hours I was in to see the doctor as he was so concerned about the measurements. If it hadn’t been for the recommendation to Carrie, I probably would have been a time-ticking bomb waiting to happen – so thankful.

Triple Bypass
60 year old man

I was a seemingly fit 56-year avid road and track cycling junkie, till I started to experience breathing and chest discomfort when doing high energy effort such as a sprint or hill climb. I initially thought that it was exercise induce asthma, the symptoms of which went away once I had finished the sprint or climb.
I finally went to my GP. I had a resting ECG which was fine and then was scheduled for an Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT). I had only been on the treadmill for just under 5 minutes when the technician stopped the exercise due to concerning readings that he was seeing. During the test I never experienced any of the symptoms that I had when riding my bike. I was somewhat perplexed by the result but will always remember the technicians “good luck with this” as I left the clinic pending my appointment with a cardiologist to review the results. It turned out that the discomfort that I was experiencing was angina and an angiogram a few months later confirmed that I had cardiovascular disease with blockages to 3 coronary arteries of 80-90%.
For “quality of life” the clinicians decided not to use stents but instead I was scheduled for triple bypass surgery which I had on September 30, 2020 at the age of 57. Although the surgery itself went well and I had very little complications, it was an extremely traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally. There was the discomfort from the surgery and the fear of doing damage to the wound sites. I was now taking quite a few medications and not fully understanding the side effects on my body and potential adverse risks with other medications. I was trying to deal with being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and what that now meant for my future.

I was initially okay with the information provided by the hospital for the first 6-week recovery period. But once discharged from the service then what?  The rehabilitation program that the DHB had for heart surgery patients had at that time been discontinued… I was simply told to just “go walking”. With no further rehabilitation offered through the health system, I reached out to my GP and cardiologist multiple times to plan my next steps, all with very limited success.
A big issue for me was having the confidence to regain my fitness, in particular getting back on my bike and enjoying cycling again. Not knowing the limitations I now had to be aware of, whether due to the surgery or the medications that I was now on, and not constantly worrying about doing damage to my heart. And the longer time went on, the greater the fears became the more I have “guarded” myself from any physical activity…even going for walks largely stopped.

At the end of 2022 through my own research I became aware of an Exercise Physiologist role and what they do to help rehabilitate patients recover from chronic disease and improve cardiovascular function and quality of life. After a quick “Google” search I was shocked to find there was an Exercise Physiologist in my home town less that 10 minutes from where I live – Carrie Aspin of PhysioFit. Carrie is certified to provide cardiovascular rehab phase 3 and 4… the very rehab phases that the I was not provided via the DHB.
I met with Carrie and completed an initial assessment to ascertain where I was at physically and where I wanted to be. Carrie understands coronary artery bypass surgery and its effects on the body. She also understands the effects of the medication I now take. The muscle weakness I have as being from the statins, and not, as I fearfully thought, from my heart. She has developed a program, including strength and fitness exercise. At all stages she constantly monitors my vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels. I cannot stress how important and assuring this constant monitoring is. It's scary exercising the heart after such invasive surgery and with the cardiovascular disease diagnosis. And the fear of exercise has also had a huge negative impact on my mental state. To have her constant reassurance, at each stage of the exercise program is invaluable. I couldn't start to exercise again, without it. It is still early stages for me but for the first time in over 2 years I’m feeling safe enough to get to “know” my body again.


Thank you Carrie for your care, understanding and professionalism.

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